Powering the Next Evolution of Value Creation through the Convergence of Metadata-Driven Services


Metasoft is a cloud-based metadata convergence platform based on the new technical standards for interoperable and integrated systems for digital convergence. It provides the tools and functionality required to deliver feature-rich broadcast and Internet services and to effectively manage the rapidly increasing available content targeted at today’s end consumer.

With Metasoft, stakeholders now have the power to deliver digital experiences in ways that up until now have only been possible through complex and costly processes.

  • Overview

    Moving From Legacy Silos to Real-Time Digital Ecosystems

    Connect distributed value chain systems – Transform disparate legacy formats
    Enhance metadata capabilities – Automate business rules and processes
    Collaborate with industry partners – Co-create cutting edge applications
    Deliver advanced personalized multi-platform user experiences.

  • SOA Architecture

    The Metasoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Messaging System was designed from the ground up to support the Java Business Integration specification (JBI). The messaging system provides high performance, reliable, publish/subscribe JMS-based messaging.

  • Metadata Repository

    Metasoft’s combination and harmonization of metadata schemas establishes the virtual nexus for the creation, delivery and exchange of multimedia assets.

  • Advanced Personalization

    Specific user profile metadata paired with content metadata and combined with specific business logic and content rules drive the type of personalization and targeting services that can be deployed.

  • End-to-End Workflow

    A metadata-driven convergence platform that optimizes the linking of services across the value chain and supports the entire content object lifecycle from creation to consumption.

    The goal is to make multimedia programs easier and more cost effective to produce, manage and disseminate.