About Nexxus Systems, Inc.

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New Frontiers...

New Frontiers...

Throughout our history we have not only witnessed an explosion of new media formats, i.e. animations, 3-D virtual communities, interactive games and non-linear video applications, also the shear volume of multimedia content has grown exponentially. As a result of witnessing this paradigm shift first hand, and more importantly understanding the limitations of previous technologies, we elected to position ourselves at the forefront of this new frontier.

Our Experience...

From the onset we have been active participants in numerous standards-setting initiatives beginning with the implementation of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards a Department of Defense mandate to enable the cost-effective use of advanced distributed learning resource sharing across the DOD, other federal agencies and the private sector.

Some of our previous government related projects inlude:

    • Department of Defense: Advanced Distributed Learning Co-lab – participated in the development of the specifications and developed one of the first SCORM conformant registries.
    • Department of Defense: Langnet Project – licensed and implemented Metasoft to the National Foreign Language Institute in order for them to implement SCORM distance learning courses for students to maintain language proficiency.
    • Department of Education: Star Schools Showcase – licensed, implemented Metasoft and created a custom interface in order for the DOE to create a distance learning resource network to disseminate SCORM conformant content that had been created by the Star Schools program.
    • Department of Treasury: IRS SCORM E-Learning Registry Project – We hosted the Metasoft platform as a centralized registry in order for 500+ content developers to easily register and catalogue SCORM conformant courseware and training, for over 100,000 IRS employees